Adoption & Current Pricing

We work off of a deposit list to place our Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles. A $300 deposit holds your spot on our list to be offered picking spots when litters are born. The deposits are 100% refundable if for any reason you don’t get a puppy from us until you accept a picking spot. Even after you accept a picking spot that while your deposit is no longer refundable, you can go back on the list or transfer to another litter. We understand all too well that lives change and sometimes getting a puppy needs to wait but we also want to let the others on the know as soon as possible that we have a spot for them. The balance after deducting the deposit is not due until you take your puppy home.

When the puppies are born, we post pictures on the site and start calling the families on the waiting list. When we get to your name, we will offer you a picking spot for the litter and the date they will go home. You can opt to take that spot or wait for a future litter and retain your original spot on the list.

Once you reserve a picking spot on one of our litters, you can watch the puppies grow as we post new pictures to the website every Sunday. You will become addicted to our site especially on Sundays.  Puppy Pick Day, the first Saturday after the puppies turn 8 weeks, is the day that families choose their puppy based on their picking spot and take their puppy home. Each family will be given a Pick Time and will have 45 minutes to choose their puppy.

Due to changes in airline policies, we have found it increasingly difficult to find flights that can work for shipping puppies without putting too much stress on the puppy. For that reason, we no longer ship puppies. But, even if you are a distance from Summerfield, Florida, there still are options in getting a puppy from us. We have several close airports that can work including Orlando, Tampa and Daytona Beach. The options for getting your puppy include flying in to choose your puppy in person as the puppy can fly home with you in the cabin at 8 weeks on several airlines. Another option can be choosing your puppy by facetime and for $125 we can have someone bring the puppy to the airport so that you can turn around and fly back home with the puppy in the cabin on the next available flight on an airline that allows puppies at 8 weeks in the cabin. Depending on distance, we can also explore the option of delivering your puppy by car to your home or meeting you part way for $125/hr. one way (for example the charge for an 8 hour round trip would be $500). Another possible option might be having someone fly with the puppy to an airport close to your home. The charge and availability for that will depend on ticket cost, duration of the roundtrip and timing. Regardless, you don’t have to finalize which option you would want to pursue until you are on a litter and we are making arrangements for pick day.

Current Pricing of our Puppies*:

Tri-Color F1 Mini Bernedoodle: $4,000 regardless of sex
Bi-Color F1 Mini Bernedoodle: $3,800 regardless of sex
(*families on the deposit list are always locked in at the pricing at the time they placed their deposit)

Contact us to find out how to get on our deposit list!