The Breed

Mini Bernedoodle Breed

A Mini Bernedoodle dog is a hybrid cross of a Bernese  Mountain Dog mom and a Miniature or Toy Poodle dad. This combination has the benefits of providing a dog with the wonderful temperament of the Bernese with minimal shedding. The puppies are a healthier and a more hypo allergenic dog than the Bernese Mountain Dog in a compact size.

Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles only breed what we consider are true F1 (First Generation) Mini Bernedoodles . We never do multi-generation Bernedoodles (Bernedoodle bred back to Bernedoodle) as we would not know whether the parents will pass more Bernese or Poodle traits to their puppies. With the crosses we breed and with our proven miniature poodle dads, we know what to expect from our puppies. That’s why you probably will notice a difference in the way our Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles look from other Bernedoodles breeders.

Many will be breeding multi-generation as they have no way to successfully artificially breed which is required to do a true mini. All of our puppies are bred using non-surgical trans-cervical artificial insemination which is the only way to get a true mini Bernedoodle.

F1 (First Generation) Mini Bernedoodles

These are the result of non-surgical trans-cervical artificial insemination between a Bernese mom and Miniature Poodle dad. This is the hybrid vigor cross that results in a smaller and healthier dog. Our minis typically weigh between 25-45 lbs. full grown.