Our Story

We have been breeding Mini Goldendoodles for over 18 years and had a few families ask us if we would ever consider breeding Mini Bernedoodles so we added a Bernese Mountain Dog to our family.  We fell in love with her so we decided to start a small breeding operation for Mini Bernedoodles called Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles.

Since we started breeding dogs in 2005, we have had one goal in mind which is to provide quality loving pets to families wanting to add to their family. Combining the Bernese Mountain Dog loving personality with the non-shedding hypo allergenic coat and intelligence of the miniature Poodle results in a dog in the small to mid-size range, in a wide array of colors and coat types.  Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles grow up to have great temperaments are very trainable with minimal shedding.  All of our puppies are the result of non-surgical trans-cervical artificial insemination.

All of our moms and dads live with us on our farm in Summerfield, Florida. We have family that help us with the daily care of our parents and puppies including Lisa’s sister Debbie and our nieces who live on our farm. In addition, we have two Vet Techs we work with daily to ensure the health of our parents and puppies. Contact us if you would want to schedule a visit to meet us, meet the dogs and puppies and tour our facilities.

The Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles Advantage

We have built our reputation as one of the premier breeders of quality puppies after more than 16 years of breeding Mini & Toy Goldendoodles.  In 2018 , we decided to start a small breeding operation of Mini Bernedoodles.  We specialize in these mini doodles as we think they make one of the best family pets.  Our Mini Bernedoodles combine the sweetness of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the minimal shedding and intelligence of the Poodle.  We offer a close personal experience not only throughout the adoption process but also after the puppies go to their new homes.

As a USDA licensed Class A breeder, our facilities, records, dogs and puppies are inspected at least once a year by USDA inspectors.

We have had comprehensive DNA Health and Breed testing by Embark completed on all of our parents. We use the results of these tests when pairing our parents to ensure that none of their puppies are at risk for any of the genetically tested health issues. All families receive a copy of the DNA health testing for their parents of their puppy.

We work off a deposit list to place our Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles. A $300 deposit holds your spot in line on the list. The deposits are 100% refundable for any reason until you accept a picking spot. After you go on a picking spot, you can go back on the list or transfer to another litter.

Our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee against genetic issues which offers a 1 year extension if you keep the puppy on NuVet Plus immune system builder.  Should something arise during the guarantee period, we will cover the cost of treatment up to the price of the puppy. There is also always the option of getting another mini doodle instead. If that is your desire, we would never ask for your original puppy back.